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What is it about the Parisian woman that makes her look so elegant, classic and always so fashionable no matter what she wears?
That mix of refinement and grunge,
féminité with a sprinkle of masculinity...
When jeans and a tee look oh so chic and that slinky evening
dress falls just so effortlessly...
Always a touch of je ne sais quoi...
She knows how to layer and mix prints, she understands color and the importance of delicate, yet statement accessories. Choosing quality over quantity, those staple items that you turn to
again and again.

Chez la Parisienne presents that perfectly Parisian Femme, looks du jour.

With a few staple pieces mixed with the latest trends, simple layers with unexpected touches of pattern, texture, color;

update your closet so that everyone will think you were born une vraie Parisienne.

Chic, Delicate, Belle, Refined, Understated, Memorable
affordable fashion, that classic French flair,
always à la mode.